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ASTM D7073 - Accelerated Hydraulic Fluid Pump Test

ASTM D7073 - Indicating Wear Characteristics of Non-Petroleum and Petroleum Hydraulic Fluids in a Constant Volume Vane Pump

We perform hydraulic fluid quality testing by ASTM D7043 to estimate the wear characteristics of hydraulic fluids under operating conditions. This test method replaced ASTM D2882 - Wear Characteristics of Hydraulic Fluids (Vickers vane pump test) and is part of many hydraulic fluid specifications. The test is performed by operating a Vickers vane-type hydraulic pump under specified operating conditions and measuring the wear on the pump vanes. The test evaluates the wear-prevention capability and lubricity of a hydraulic fluid in “real-world” operating conditions. ASTM D4172 - Four Ball Lubricity (four-ball test) is often used as a screening test to evaluate lubricity before running this test.

The accelerated test is applicable to all types of fluids except 95/5 high water base fluids. It uses a 7.5 gpm pump operating at 2000 psi for 100 hours to evaluate the performance of the fluid indicated from the wear of the pump parts and the changes in the fluid.

This test provides a means of measuring the wear prevention and stability qualities of the fluid under relatively severe operating conditions.