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Clark specializes in the seismic qualification of large specimens up to 25,000 lbs. and offers fast turnaround for smaller items. Our Seismic engineers will work with you to design a custom-tailored qualification program for your unique project.

Which Clark Shake Table is Right for You?

Clark’s Seismic Lab has equipment for every testing need. Its primary tri-axial seismic shake table is comprised of a 15’ x 15’ mounting surface (which can be extended up to 26’) operating on an independent tri-axial hydraulic system. A comprehensive list of our shake tables and their specs can be found below.

Table 1 Tri-Axial (Anco)
Size 15’L x15’W x45’H (can be extended up to 26’L)
Payload 25,000lbs
Acceleration 8G ZPA, 18G SRS
Frequency Range 1-100Hz
Tables 2 & 3 (RIM)
Size 4’L x4’W x35’H
Payload 15,000lbs
Acceleration 12G ZPA, 30G SRS
Frequency Range 1-250Hz
Tables 4 & 5 (MIL)
Size 15’L x15’W x39’H (can be extended up to 24’L)
Payload 20,000lbs
Acceleration 3G ZPA, 8G SRS
Frequency Range 1-250Hz

Clark’s advanced computerized feedback systems greatly reduce over testing (exceeding prescribed tolerance) and minimize the need for multiple shakes – both of which can be common in the industry.

Test input motion can be derived from field data, sinusoidal, random, multi-frequency, or sine beat waveforms to achieve the required response. Clark’s data acquisition and electronic monitoring systems can record over 100 independent channels to ensure detailed and comprehensive data is recorded from each test.

IEEE 323 and 344 Nuclear

Clark’s Seismic Lab provides seismic testing and equipment qualification services for the nuclear power industry in accordance with IEEE 323 & 344; the recommended practices for seismic qualification of Class 1E Equipment for nuclear power generating stations. Clark’s tri-axial seismic shake table and RIM shake table are qualified under Clark’s 10 CFR 50 Appendix B Quality and ASME NQA-1 Programs for qualifying Class 1E equipment for the nuclear power industry.

IEEE 382 Nuclear Sine Beats, Required Input Motion (RIM), and Environmental Aging

Clark offers full qualification procedure development, testing, and report submittal for all safety related valves and actuators, both line and hard mounted.

Clark’s purpose-built Required Input Motion (RIM) shake tables, both vertical and horizontal, can meet the stringent requirements of IEEE 382-2019 even high acceleration levels and product weights

IEEE 693 Seismic Testing for Substation Equipment

The Clark Seismic Lab’s large shake tables and high ceiling height make it perfect for vertical bushings, insulators and disconnect switches typically found in sub-stations. Our facilities can handle equipment up to 45’ tall and up to 25,000lbs. In addition to the large capacity shake table, Clark has in depth safety programs which facilitate the seismic testing of large lithium-ion battery racks and other components requiring volatile handling protocols.

OSHPD and ISO 17025 Seismic Certification Testing

Clark offers full seismic testing, certification, and report submittal for OSHPD related equipment to be installed into new or updated health care facilities in the State of California. In addition to working with the State of California’s OSHPD, Clark maintains A2LA ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory accreditation.

Clark’s Seismic Lab provides OSHPD OSP and OPM certification services utilizing its tri-axial seismic shake table and various structural loading systems. OSHPD Certification Testing is regulated by the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development to oversee the state’s healthcare organization and infrastructure. OSHPD seismic certification ensures the seismic safety of healthcare facilities within the state including hospitals and nursing care facilities.

IBC, AC156, CBC, and ASCE 7

Clark’s Seismic Lab has conducted hundreds of Building Code seismic qualification tests over its history. Our Seismic Engineers can guide you through the process and develop procedures to ensure your product meets the seismic requirements outlined by the International Building Code (IBC), the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), ICC AC156, or wherever building code standards may apply.

Our large tri-axial shake table allows custom test fixtures to be fabricated, which simulate the infield mounting configuration of unique products. Clark specializes in lighting, ceiling, floor, wall, and mechanical systems with our IBC & UBC seismic testing services.

Telcordia / BELCORE GR-63-CORE

Clark offers a complete GR-63 qualification package including Seismic, EMC, Vibration and more. Our in-depth safety programs facilitate the seismic and transportation vibration testing of large lithium-ion battery racks up to 15,000lbs and other components commonly found in Data Centers.

Clark’s Seismic Lab provides seismic certification for Telcordia/Belcore GR-63-CORE, USGS (Unite States Geological Survey) Zone 1 through Zone 4. Clark’s custom tri-axial shake table perform testing in all three axes without the added risk of lifting and repositioning specimens which is common practice in many labs.

We work closely with you to validate engineering, ensure quality, analyze products and qualify equipment while supporting the time constraints and product cycles that are vital to your success.

Paul Heffernan, CEO of Clark Testing