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Proficiency Testing

For over 20 years, Clark Laboratories has offered Proficiency Test Programs (PTP) blending and packaging services to Industry Associations and production/manufacturing companies. Clark's PTP services coordinate and validate internal company data to ensure consistency and stability of test results throughout the organization.

Clark's PTP services are essential for organizations conducting Proficiency Test Programs, inter-Laboratory Studies (ILS), Round Robin Studies, and Specialized internal standards by providing homogenous samples for analysis. Each batch of samples can be designed to the customer’s specifications allowing companies to use them for statistical analysis. The Clark PTP Services Department is specifically designed to help companies measure and align the stability of data among their relative technical centers

Clark's PTP Services include blending and bottling of:
  • Proficiency Test Program (PTP) samples
  • Round Robin Samples
  • Inter-laboratory Studies (ILS)
  • Internal Standards
Clark's Basic PTP Process:

Receipt of bulk samples

  • PTP procedure begins with log in of bulk samples into Clark's custom LIMS database.
  • Upon receipt of the bulk sample, Clark provides real-time information of the process flow.

Homogenization of the bulk samples

  • Bulk samples are blended and tested for homogeneity according to ASTM method.
  • The bulk product is repackaged and distributed to program participants
  • Samples can be sent in various sizes based on test requirements.
  • Random QC samples can be performed to validate homogeneity of the batch.
  • Sample retention kept for testing in the event of an anomaly or aberration.

Samples are then shipped to the participant labs for testing

  • Finished samples can be shipped as a batch to a single location or distributed directly to the participating lab.
  • Clark has a logistics program that tracks shipment of each sample until it reaches the final lab destinations.
  • Test samples shipped regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • Clark Testing is a certified hazardous shipping laboratory.

The PTP Services department at Clark includes several large mixing tanks, freezers and a customized LIMS system specifically designed for proficiency testing programs. We can handle large volumes of bulk materials and are capable of bottling and shipping hundreds of samples to PTP participants and customers.

Clark has had extensive experience with a multitude of products that have been used as standards and proficiency programs

The Products Include:

  • Gasoline
  • Jet Fuel
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Oil
  • Hydraulic Fluid Naphtha

Proficiency testing in some cases is a required exercise of certain stakeholders of an industry but can also be an ancillary quality check for a company's QC system. Clark's PTP department can provide the service to help customers validate their test data and confirm quality testing results.

Clark offers specialist petroleum product blending services to help you maintain the highest quality for your products.

Michelle Felicetti, General Manager, Clark Laboratories