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Hydraulic Burst

A burst test is a type of test where the component is pressurized to a point where it can no longer contain the pressure and then fails catastrophically and bursts, releasing the pressure. A burst test can help determine the pressure at which a component will start to deform plastically or irreversibly. This information is very useful for engineers in designing parts and choosing materials. This testing can also help refine and validate FEA models and find flaws in manufacturing processes. Burst testing can determine the maximum pressure safety factor and help meet other quality and safety specifications.

Oftentimes during a product development cycle a DFMEA, or design failure modes and effects analysis will be performed to try to predict how a part will fail and what the effects will be, and for pressure systems a burst test can be the main method of validating those analyses.

Determining the burst pressure and failure mode can be important if a part is in an area that is exposed to other sensitive parts or to people, since a part that bursts can possibly send shrapnel flying which can cause even more damage. A burst pressure test can help determine and reduce these risks.

Clark Test Report

Clark’s test reports adhere to the quality requirements of ISO 17025:2017 and will include.

  • An overview and summary of the testing performed
  • A detailed list of the setup and NIST-traceable instruments that were used
  • The test method used
  • Test results; including load vs time, data tables, comments and observations from the test
  • Photographs of the test setup and the parts for failure analysis
Clark Burst Testing Capabilities
  • Pressures up to 30,000 psi with oil, and 15,000 psi with water
  • Data acquisition on dozens of channels at rates up to the mhz range
  • Strain gage application and data recording

If you need a custom test setup incorporating other factors such as temperature or mechanical loads simultaneously applied during your burst pressure test contact Clark today and we will have one of our engineers work with you to design a test setup that will meet your specific needs.

We work closely with you to validate engineering, ensure quality, analyze products and qualify equipment while supporting the time constraints and product cycles that are vital to your success.

Paul Heffernan, CEO of Clark Testing