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Environmental Aging / Life Cycle

Clark's Environmental Lab can test equipment at different temperature and humidity environments to comply with IEEE 323 or any other commercial/military standards (Methods 501.1, 502.1 and 507.1 of MIL-STD-810 and Method 102A of MIL-STD-202D). Environmental chambers of different sizes, including walk-in rooms, are available to perform test programs. Temperature range of +95°C to -70°C for larger and +170°C to -70°C for smaller units with a relative humidity range of 40% to 100% can be maintained.Environmental Chamber

Types of Tests:

  • Salt Spray Testing
    • Provides a controlled corrosive environment and is used to provide corrosion-resistance information of metals and coated metals. The test consists of atomizing a salt solution into uniform droplets on the units under test. The common standard used for this test is ASTM B117
  • Humidity Testing
    • Allows moisture levels to be raised or lowered in a controlled environment. High levels of moisture can cause corrosion, oxidation or gaskets to swell. Low levels of moisture can cause brittleness or granulation.
  • High / Low Temperature Testing
    • This testing allows weakness to be identified in the product over wide temperature ranges without introducing temperature shock. High Temperature Testing can reveal weaknesses in electronics such as resistance and inductance in circuits, softening or swelling of molded parts or accelerated aging. Low High Temperature Testing can reveal weaknesses such as embrittlement, electrical constants or freezing due to moisture.
  • Thermal Shock Testing
    • Ramp rates exceeding 50°C/min) This test allows the customer to expose the product to very quick temperature changes to determine the products ability to work in extreme temperature environments

  • Standards We Test To:
    • IEC 60068 - Temperature / Humidity
    • MIL-STD-311 - Temperature / Humidity
    • MIL-STD-202 - Temperature / Humidity
    • MIL-STD-810 - Temperature / Humidity and Salt Spray
    • ASTM - Temperature / Humidity and Salt Spray
  • Related Test Services:
    • Structure & Airborne Noise
      • Sound Pressure Measurements
      • Sound Power Measurements
      • Structure Borne Noise Measurements

Life Cycle Aging / Product Validation:

Clark conducts life cycle aging/product endurance testing administering an entire battery of tests simulating equipment’s life cycle. With mechanical capabilities we can actuate components hydraulically, pneumatically or electrically to mechanize components in their operating conditions. We can accelerate the aging process of equipment with a variety of testing systems and processes.

Altitude Testing

Often called “Reduced Pressure Testing” shows the effects of lower air pressures found at higher altitudes. Many forms of transportation packaging requires this form of testing due to the possibility of bursting or leaking during altitude changes. 

We work closely with you to validate engineering, ensure quality, analyze products and qualify equipment while supporting the time constraints and product cycles that are vital to your success.

Paul Heffernan, CEO of Clark Testing