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Condition Monitoring Services

Clark Testing Condition Monitoring Services Laboratory (CMS Lab) provides oil analysis and diagnostics to enhance maintenance programs. Our CMS Lab assists maintenance professionals in the early detection of equipment problems, and in predicting future machine reliability. The CMS Lab provides oil, water glycol, and grease analyses to help maximize machinery performance, extend oil change intervals, and minimize oil-related disruptions in production schedules.

Oil Analysis Capabilities

Samples of oil are analyzed for degradation, contamination and wear debris. The CMS Lab assists clients in knowing when and how equipment is degrading through testing machine oil samples. By managing the lubricants in machinery, clients lower maintenance and lubrication costs, improve maintenance scheduling, and reduce parts inventory.

The CMS Lab tests samples from frontline equipment, as well as incoming lubricants for compliance to specifications and quality assurance. Computer controlled quality assurance and a web based Lab Information Management System provide accurate reporting and maintenance recommendations. The test reports generated by the CMS Lab are the most comprehensive and user-friendly in the industry. All testing is performed in accordance with ASTM or other standardized applicable methods.

Testing Services Offered:

  • Elemental Additive Depletion and Wear Analysis
  • Wear Debris Diagnostics
  • Service Life Evaluation
  • Recycled / Reclaimed Oil Evaluations
  • Lubricant Characteristics Evaluation
  • Lubricant Degradation Testing
  • Quality Assurance Programs
  • Diagnosis and Maintenance Recommendations

Test Packages Available


The harsh conditions of an operating farm often have a significant effect on farming/agriculture equipment requiring consistent maintenance to avoid costly downtime. A Predictive Maintenance Programs (PMP) for heavy  equipment is essential for maximizing equipment reliability and optimizing life cycles.

Trucking and Transportation

Predicative Maintenance Programs (PMP) for truck owners and truck fleet managers are essential for maximizing equipment reliability and optimizing equipment life cycles.   It is widely known that a dedicated PMP routine will improve equipment reliability, minimize unscheduled failures and reduce maintenance and repair


The harsh conditions of construction job sites often have a significant effect construction equipment requiring consistent maintenance problems and potential downtime. A Predicative Maintenance Programs (PMP) for heavy construction equipment is essential for maximizing reliability and optimizing life cycles


The harsh conditions of underground, and above ground, strip mines often have a significant effect on mining equipment operations and the requirement for consistent maintenance to avoid potential downtime.   A Predicative Maintenance Programs (PMP) for heavy Mining equipment is essential to limit unscheduled outages.


The harsh conditions of logging or harvesting timber have a significant effect on forestry & timber equipment. These operating conditions cause wear on the equipment and require consistent maintenance to avoid costly downtime.     A Predicative Maintenance Programs (PMP) for forestry equipment is essential

Other Tests:

We work closely with you to validate engineering, ensure quality, analyze products and qualify equipment while supporting the time constraints and product cycles that are vital to your success.

Paul Heffernan, CEO of Clark Testing