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Testing that Reaches the World

Coal & Coke Testing

Clark Testing provides comprehensive and specialized coal and coke testing, consulting, training and inspection services for its clients in the coal and coke industry, whether metallurgical or steam producers.

While tests determining chemical and physical analysis are a strong part of Clark's everyday portfolio, unique programs such as coal quality verification services, shipment monitoring, 'ISO, QMS and EMS audits, shipment monitoring and freeze conditioning agent application are also available. We ensure our clients know every detail about their materials during each distinct stage of the process.

In our state of the art laboratories, we deliver timely, accurate and independent test results for all standard coal and coke tests. In addition, we can also handle all of your environmental coal testing needs from total carbon, sulfur, mercury, chlorine, lead, ash chemistry and trace elements.

Our experienced team monitors the coal quality of shipments from port, terminal and inland facilities, mine sites, lab sites and prep plants for delivery across the globe - touching industries from steel and oil to electric and utilities. Through our exact monitoring and testing procedures, Clark can determine a coal sample's true coking potential to best serve the end user.

Other services unique to the Clark team include bias testing, critical inspections and maintenance on sampling systems. We are also one of the few labs that can do CRI/CSR tests specifically for the Steel Industry.

Consulting services are also available to assist our clients in coal selection and blending for the coke making industry. Computer models, fed by single coal analyses, are utilized to predict coke quality and formulate optimum coal blends for coke making. Predicted coke quality parameters include: coke strength (stability and CSR), chemistry, coking pressure, coke mass contraction and microscopic analysis.

As an active member of the ASTM organization, we are well versed in coal and coke standards. In addition, Clark Testing is a member of ISNetworld. We pride ourselves on client service, responsiveness and safety. We exceed safety standards by keeping experienced MSHA certified instructors and trainers on staff. We are here to address our customers' questions and provide answers they need at all times - - around the globe.

Services Offered Includes:
  • Laboratory Testing
    • Analysis of Coal & Coke
    • Float-Sink Washability Testing
    • Commercial & Supplier Lab Audits
    • Customized Quality Assurance Programs
    • Training Programs
  • Sampling Services
    • Sample Collection
    • Lot Sampling
    • Channel Sampling
    • Manual Sampling
    • Sampling System Audits and Preventative Maintenance
    • Bias Testing
  • Trade Services
    • Hold Inspection
    • Loading and Discharge Supervision
    • Rail, Vessel, and Barge Assessment
    • Draft Surveys
    • Quality and Quantity Evaluations
  • Coal Preparation Plant Services
    • Plant Audit / Efficiency Testing
    • Plant Sampling
    • Coal Plant Optimization and Troubleshooting Consulting

Clark Testing is relied upon by the largest coke producers in North America, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Michael Shrader, General Manager, Coal & Coke Division