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IEEE 382 Nuclear Sine Beats, Required Input Motion (RIM), and Environmental Aging

IEEE Standard for Qualification of Safety Related Actuators

Cark offers full equipment qualification and consultation programs for Safety related Actuators and Valve Actuators. Our Engineers provide qualification procedures and test programs encompassing the following test methods:

  • Triaxial Seismic
  • Required input Motion
  • Vibration Aging
  • Cyclic Aging
  • Radiation Aging
  • Thermal Aging
  • LOCA (loss of coolant accident)

IEEE 382 is written for safety critical actuators and equipment, often connected to fluid control systems in nuclear power plants. A full IEEE 382 qualification program will expose the equipment under test to the most adverse aging mechanisms expected during its operating life prior to subjecting it to worst case accident conditions.

Clark’s purpose-built RIM Shake Tables at are capable of performing all vibration test methods referenced in the IEEE 382, at equipment weights up to 15,000lbs. Our shakers can supply 55,000 lbs. of force with a 10” pk-pk stroke and employ specially designed valving to allow shake table velocities in excess of 100in/s.

We commonly perform the following seismic vibration test methods:

  • Resonance searches to determine equipment resonance
  • Single-axis RIM Sine sweep OBEs
  • Single-axis RIM Sine beat SSEs (required for actuators operating in Nuclear Plants)
  • Single-axis Vibration Aging
  • Tri-axial Shock Response Spectrum Testing (per IEEE 344)

For line mounted equipment, the excitation forces are typically found at a single dominant frequency, generally the resonate frequency of the piping system. To qualify this equipment, the seismic excitation derived from the RIM curve must be additionally applied to generic seismic qualification RRS tests.

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