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IEEE 323 and 344: Seismic Qualification of Safety Related Equipment for Class 1E Equipment

Clark Testing provides IEEE 323 & 344 seismic qualification testing and consulting for manufactures selling Class 1E equipment and components for safety related use in a nuclear power application. Clark maintains ASME NQA-1 and 10 CFR Part 50 Appendix B quality assurance programs and is a member of the Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee (NIAC).

Clark’s engineering team provides custom test fixture designs and offers specialized data acquisition solutions up to 100 channels. These services allow nearly any product to be qualified, regardless of size and complexity.

In addition to nuclear testing services, Clark leverages years of industry experience to develop full qualification plans and aids customers through our various consultation programs.

Common Technical Definitions Related to Seismic Testing Include:

  • Class 1E Equipment: Equipment known as safety related installed in a nuclear plant
  • 10 CFR Part 50 Appendix B: Quality Assurance Criteria
  • ASME NQA-1: Nuclear Quality Assurance Program
  • NPP: Nuclear Power Plants
  • IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • IEEE Standard 323 & 344 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Seismic Qualification of Class 1E Equipment for Nuclear Power Generating Stations.
  • OBE: Operating Basis Earthquake -the vibratory ground motion at which those features of the nuclear power plant necessary for continued operation without undue risk to the health and safety of the public will remain functional. OBE tests are generally one-half to two-thirds of the SSE levels. These are used to determine need for plant shut down due to an earthquake.
  • SSE: Safe Shutdown - the vibratory ground motion at which certain structures, systems, and components must be designed to remain functional. This term is used to identify the site-independent design ground motion.
  • RRS: Required Response Spectra
  • Seismic conditions of the buildings represented by RRS of the locations, on which the equipment subject to qualification is installed.
  • CSDR: Certified Seismic Design Response Spectra
  • GMRS: Ground Motion Response Spectra

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Clark Testing has been providing product qualification testing and design verification for manufactures for over 20 years. We provide our clients with independent testing.

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Clark Testing continuously operates under stringent quality assurance guidelines ensure all policies, practices and procedures meet or exceed industry standards. Clark’s QA/QC programs follow the accreditation guidelines of ISO 17025-2017, 10CFR50 Appendix B, NQA-1 and AIHA.

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