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Particle Characterization

Clark’s particle testing services, combined with our analytical chemistry testing, allow our customers to benefit from one resource for material analysis: both chemical and physical properties.

We provide such testing services to industries including: Agriculture, Medical/Pharma, Food & Beverage, Electronics, Energy, Primary Metals, and Heavy Industry. Materials include: catalysts, aluminas, propellants, ceramics, filters, cements, adsorbents, activated carbon, carbon black, paints/coatings, medical implants, electronic components, cosmetics, nanotubes, and many more.

We routinely provide the following physical property tests, based on particle characteristics:

Particle Size Testing:

In general, there are 7 properties which Particle Size has a direct affect: texture, appearance, effectiveness, sedimentation, packing density, dissolution, and reaction. Therefore, Particle Size plays an important role in formulation.

  • Particle Size Distribution by Laser Light Scattering
  • Particle Count
  • Sieve Analysis
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Porosimetry Testing:

Porosimetry testing is used to determine the porous nature of a material which includes pore size, volume, distribution, density, and other porosity characteristics. Porosity is important to the formation, structure, and use of various materials.

  • Nitrogen Absorption
  • Mercury Intrusion/Extrusion
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Density Testing:

Density is the mass of a substance with regard to the space in which it occupies. It is important to determine the density when there are changes in vendor materials or in processing.

  • Apparent Density
  • Bulk Density
  • Tap Density
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Surface Area Testing:

The measurement of the exposed surface of a solid material is the Surface Area. The Surface Area of materials is important to the formulator of compounds ranging from aluminas to pharmaceuticals to catalytic supports and ceramics. The surface area has a direct link to chemical reactions happening on the surface of a material.

  • Single Point Surface Area
  • B.E.T. Surface Area
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