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Hydraulic Proof Pressure Testing

A proof pressure test is a type of non-destructive test where the component is pressurized to a determined pressure and held there in order to verify that the component can withstand the pressure. The pressure requirement is usually two to six times the normal operating pressure, and the failure criteria usually include leaking or deformation of the part. Proof testing can verify the maximum pressure safety factor is being met and help meet other quality and safety specifications.

Proof pressure testing is often a requirement in the aerospace and defense industries that need to ensure that every part in an assembly is certified to meet certain pressure requirements. Sometimes every part will need to be tested, or a number of samples out of each batch of parts. With our calibrated instruments traceable to NIST and ISO 17025:2017 quality program Clark Testing is ready to perform the proof pressure tests needed to qualify your parts for use.

Clark Test Report

Clark’s test reports adhere to the quality requirements of ISO 17025:2017 and will include.
  • An overview and summary of the testing performed
  • A detailed list of the setup and NIST-traceable instruments that were used
  • The test method used
  • Test results; including load vs time, data tables, comments and observations from the test
  • Photographs of the test setup and the parts for failure analysis

Clark Burst Testing Capabilities

  • Pressures up to 30,000 psi with oil, and 15,000 psi with water
  • Data acquisition on dozens of channels at rates up to the mhz range
  • Strain gage application and data recording
If you need a custom test setup incorporating other factors such as temperature or mechanical loads simultaneously applied during your proof pressure test contact Clark today and we will have one of our engineers work with you to design a test setup that will meet your specific needs.

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Clark Testing continuously operates under stringent quality assurance guidelines ensure all policies, practices and procedures meet or exceed industry standards. Clark’s QA/QC programs follow the accreditation guidelines of ISO 17025-2017, 10CFR50 Appendix B, NQA-1 and AIHA.

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