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Clark Testing

Railcar Traction Motor Testing

Clark provides a full complement of traction motor testing on AC & DC traction motors. Our Motor Alternator (MA) test system is capable of static or dynamic testing of AC motors up to 625 VAC at 577 Amps (800 HP), from 0 to 60 Hz. Clark’s DC Motor testing capabilities can test DC motors up to 750 HP.

Clark’s Motor Testing Services Include:

  • Core Loss Test: A core loss test measures the difference between the input and output power of a motor. Clark’s test team charts the deviations to compare them to industry standards.
  • Surge Test: Surge tests will help identify insulation failures and shorted turns in the motor conductor. These issues are early warnings of potential electrical failures.
  • DC hipot: The high potential, or “hi-pot” test is an electrical test that determines the effectiveness of the motor insulation. A hi-pot test quantify the motor’s capacity for safe operation under certain electrical conditions.
  • Megohm: This test measures the motor winding’s insulation resistance to ground. The results quantify dirt, moisture and contamination on the windings.
  • Winding Resistance: This test can reveal multiple issues, including resistance balance between phases, incorrect wire gauge, incorrect turn count, shorts to ground and open windings. In some cases, it can also reveal shorted turns
  • Vibration Analysis: This test measures the motor’s ability to safely withstand vibrations during operation.
  • Load Test: This test measures the motor’s function at 100% of its operating capacity, ensuring it works when pushed to full output.

Other Motor Testing services conducted at Clark in accordance with IEEE-112 EN 50215, EN 50163, EN 14067-4 and EN 50388.include:

  • Load Testing
  • Locked Rotor Testing
  • Temperature Testing
  • Voltage Imbalance
  • Current Imbalance
  • Power Factor

We also conduct Mag particle and dye penetrant analysis to assess crack propagation due to the effects of load testing the truck frame, bolster & bogey.

The structural lab at Clark Testing includes modular load frames and a 30’ X 90’ structures floor with mechanical tie-down clamps on a 48” centerline grid pattern for 1.5 million lb. static and dynamic load capacity.