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Clark Testing

Clark Community

Clark Testing’s Corporate Responsibility

Clark Testing is a family-owned, SBA-certified small business. Community defines the values of our entire operation, starting with our employees and customers, and extending out to the global community. We see our role as essential to ensuring the safety and health of products that touch people throughout the world. From the raw materials we test in our analytical chemistry lab to ensure individual health, to the mechanical and dynamic testing we conduct to ensure the safety of workers and the public, safety and health are at the heart of what we do.

The Clark Community

Clark’s vision is “to make Clark Testing the best place to work for all its employees.” The people at Clark define the work we do, and our team is the best there is. We prioritize safety, health, and fulfillment from the work place, and continually strive to improve these areas. Despite being a quality-driven testing company, we often like to get together as a group and just enjoy each other’s company. This community extends beyond the walls of our labs as well. We have partnered with the Family Foundation to collect holiday gifts for children through the Family Foundations Early Head Start program. This organization aids in child development and parent support, empowering children throughout the Southwest Pennsylvania region. We also recently partnered with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Foodbank to volunteer for their backpack program, providing children who get subsidized meals through school, food for the weekends. As we see it, without the support of our local communities, Clark could not conduct the kind of quality-driven testing we perform, so it is our obligation to give back.

Clark Testing Sustainability Program

This year Clark launched its first sustainability program, bringing our vision into the modern era. We envision sustainability through the three pillars of sustainable business, with a focus on people, planet, and profit. Without the resources to sustain business in the future, Clark and our customers will not survive. Moreover, our commitment to our people demands that we promote a healthy environment for the global community. Our robust sustainability program seeks to address resource and water management, waste generation and management, and environmental working conditions. Many companies choose to design new, state of the art facilities to address such issues, but Clark has instead focused on continually improving historic laboratories, eliminating the embedded carbon costs of new construction, but dealing with significant challenges to increasing efficiency. We take pride in many of the changes we have made already, but look forward to continuing to address the challenges by prioritizing environmental stewardship through our corporate responsibility.

Many public corporations are obligated by fiduciary responsibility to only look at the bottom-line as quality of business, but as a family-owned operation, we see even more progress in improving the world than we do on our balance sheets.